Lindy Lee


Patrick McDonald, "Art Gallery of SA director Nick Mitzevich to shine on in sculpture tribute on Adelaide’s North Terrace"
The Advertiser , 27/04/2018
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Miekus, Tiarney. 'Lindy Lee inside The Seamless Tomb'
Art Guide Australia, 22/09/2017
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Artist Profile, Issue 35, 01/05/2016
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Ewington, Julie, 'In Praise: Concerning Anne Ferran, Judith Wright, Lindy Lee'
Eyeline 84, 01/03/2016
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Lindy Lee: The Dark of Absolute Freedom - Review
ARTAND Brisbane, 20/09/2015
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Art Link, 01/06/2015
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Harkins-Cross, Rebecca. 'Artists Lyndal Jones and Lindy Lee help build the garden of fire and water in Avoca'
The Sydney Morning Herald, 02/10/2014
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The Creative Issue, 27/09/2014
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'UQ Art Museum Showcases 30 Years of Lindy Lee'
The University of Queensland, UQ News, 16/09/2014
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'Artist Lindy Lee leads urban design in Sydney's Chinatown'
Architecture & Design, 03/09/2012
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Kill Your Darlings Journal, 05/06/2012
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Eyeline, number 47, 10/10/2001
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