Sanné Mestrom

“The works are gestures - odes - to artists I have known personally, or admired from a distance. Artists who have shaped my practice and/or thinking in profound ways. I reached out to a myriad of artists - cap in hand - to ask if they might be able to offer me some of their studio-floor scraps to undertake this new body of works. I soon realised that it was the provenance of the ‘leftover’ that most compelled me. These weren’t just any old scraps, they were cast out in the course of another artist’s own careful editing process. Each rejected remnant was immediately imbued with new value simply by being selected - picked up off the floor and handed over as ‘something’. They became great again - full of potential. These ‘arbitrary’ fragments have become templates for this new body of sculptures, further extending the ways in which by-products can become blueprints.” - SANNÉ MESTROM

The works in Sanné Mestrom’s Leftover series draws on the practices of national and international contemporary artists that have impacted her practice. The sculptures are informed by the off-cuts, scraps and neglected materials of previous works by these peers, such as Claire Lambe, Hany Armanious and Matt Hinkley. With low-fi ceramic interventions, Mestrom proudly presents the detritus on a pedestal, inverting the general sculptural process by doctoring the scraps into ‘completed objects’. 

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