Spectrum Version 2.2

“Think about this: if you look at a sunset - do you try to understand it? It’s about engaging your body and your mind. If you only have one answer, it’s didactic - it becomes a statement and it’s not art. Forget about arguments like ‘painting is dead’ - really good art is about artists changing the way you think about art.” - JEREMY SHARMA

Sharma’s new exhibition Spectrum Version 2.2 offers a sensorial experience through his brand new series of multi-media media works, which utilizes image, light and ambient sounds to produce fleeting monuments of memory that are at once solid and atmospheric. Featuring new video and installation works, the exhibition continues Sharma’s ongoing process of exploring amphibious interactions between narrative, abstraction and form. Informed by data in this digital era, Sharma’s practice pivots on bridging the natural with the artificial to create works that integrate science and technology with art. This exploratory project originated with a suite of paintings by Sharma, and it has since unraveled itself through addressing the language of painting through video and digital imagery. Shifting light and iridescent colours invite his viewer into a profound and highly emotive experience of of contemporary expanded painting.

In Sharma’s enquiry into new processes, he has been filming videos at home and on his travels that encompasses reflective and diaristic qualities. Following on from his series of acclaimed high density polystyrene foam sculptures, he has designed a method of using LED light nodes and light boxes to convert video data into impressions. As an investigative gesture into language, sound and fiction as sensorial, conceptual and psychological ways of perception and non-seeing, Sharma fuses the readings, from authors like Virgina Woolf, Haruki Murakami, Marie Darrieussecq and Ludwig Wittgenstein in the form of voice-overs. Through working with various elements such as modular structures, voice recordings and humidifiers, Sharma will transform the gallery space into an atmospheric experience through his site-specific display of light and sound. 

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