1 a gauze or silk fabric of the very finest texture.
2 a filmy cobweb often seen on foliage or floating in air.
3 anything resembling gossamer in fineness or flimsiness.

Origin GERMAN gänsemonat: goosemonth used for November)

Since 1992, reference to cloth has travelled as a constant through my work. Layered meanings associated with domestic cloth, flywire mesh, geometric grids, navigated urban and celestial topographies are fused together.

The most recent work shifts from paper/acrylic to canvas /oil. The dominant brush mark in the paperwork inverts from bold to a fine thread of white line across the cinnabar red ground.

In the studio I listen to ABC 97.5 radio…thoughts about painting ply with the music : the magic of how music is created by the bowing/sawing action of the fine strands of horsehair gripping stretched strings of a violin…or how dextrous fingers striking a keyboard in repetitive gentle rhythms transfer paper compositions to aural sound. The music feeds my silence and massages the psyche whilst I work.

Within the complex web of thought one encounters in the solitary practice of making art, I travel delicate zephyrs on the gossamer threads like a spider. In contemplating how far the inhalation of one breath carries in a sequential flow of voice in conversation/opera…my brush stroke lengths are determined by the amount of paint the fine hair brush can carry across/down the canvas field…. Chance is an ever-present factor and slowly the red ground is covered with the gauze-like mesh. The lines of thought bind warp/weft and sometimes traces of applied pattern bight into the formed grid, like embroidered stitches piercing cloth. The flimsy grids allude to topographies of urban maps and sometimes liken to mysterious cosmic diagrams. - Helen Fuller, November 2006

Since 1977 Helen Fuller has been the subject of over 25 solo exhibitions in Australia and China and has exhibited in numerous group shows in Australia, Japan and Singapore. Her work is represented in major collections throughout Australia, including National Gallery of Australia, Art Gallery of South Australia, Queensland Art Gallery, National Gallery of Victoria, Parliament House, Canberra and other regional and university art collections. Fuller lives and works in Adelaide, and has lectured part-time at the South Australian School of Art, University of South Australia for over 10 years.