Kristian Burford’s strange life-size domestic settings use meticulously clay sculpted figures cast in resin to depict psychologically intense private moments. He utilizes features from any canon at hand – gothic, baroque, romanticism, symbolism, surrealism, b-grade pornography – to evoke a particular nostalgia just this side of innocent. Voyeurism plays an important role and his characters seem naughty, perhaps erotic, as they are forced from the private into the public. Michael Newall writes in the art journal Broadsheet, “the figures Burford portrays have lost control …this loss of control is …it involves a sort of letting go, a surrender of self to these desires and sensations which, in this moment of self-abnegation, become sublime…in surrendering to these forces, in giving themselves over to them, they might get a momentary intimation of a dissolution of the self in the world. And if we can bring ourselves to empathize with them, so might we”.

Burford has participated in numerous exhibitions in Australia as well as in the U.S. including the show entitled “Morbid Curiosity” curated by Jan Tumlir which traveled from Los Angeles to New York; “The Uncanny” at the Tate Liverpool, United Kingdom; and New York Calling, P.S.1 MoMa Contemporary Art Centre, New York. He was exhibited at the National Gallery of Australia as a finalist for the National Sculpture Award and was a highly commended finalist for the Helen Lempriere National Sculpture Award in 2001. Kristian Burford lives and works in Los Angeles.

His exhibition with SSFA in Nov 06 will be his first in a commercial gallery in Australia.