Current Exhibitions

Michael Lindeman: Notes to Self/Letters to Others
05 Apr 2014 - 26 Apr 2014

Leah Emery: Twist and Shout
05 Apr 2014 - 26 Apr 2014

Hiromi Tango: Promised
03 May 2014 - 31 May 2014

Darren Sylvester
10 Jun 2014 - 05 Jul 2014

Daniel Templeman
10 Jun 2014 - 05 Jul 2014

Alasdair Macintyre
15 Jul 2014 - 09 Aug 2014

Gregory Hodge
19 Aug 2014 - 06 Sep 2014

19 Aug 2014 - 06 Sep 2014

Alex Seton
16 Sep 2014 - 11 Oct 2014

Karen Black
21 Oct 2014 - 08 Nov 2014

Sam Jinks
21 Oct 2014 - 08 Nov 2014

Sydney Ball
18 Nov 2014 - 20 Dec 2014

Past Exhibitions



"What is it about Therese Howard’s work that is so intriguing and perplexing? They trick at every opportunity, they lure and seduce, they are amusing and disturbing, they ask the big questions and provide no clear answers. They set up expectations and then pull out the rug. In other words they do what all significant art does, they impact on our lives in unexpected ways and challenge us to think, to see and to react differently." Ted Snell, Professor of Contemporary Art, Dean of Art, John Curtin Centre Curtin University of Technology, Perth, catalogue essay 2006

Following her Dutch still-life inspired work, such as "Still Life of the Sea" , Howard has created still life arrangements cast in bronze, using the ancient ‘lost wax method’, which are then meticulously hand painted. A pewter tankard is knocked over, spilling its contents on to the table on which sit three fish which have just been pulled from the sea. The works echo themes of impermanence and mortality, excess and abundance, youth and overindulgence.

Drawing from a range of sources including international contemporary art, Howard’s is a unique approach to the tradition of bronze. “It is my intention to re-present bronze – in a way that differentiates it from its more traditional associations. The result is a group of works that employs the history of art and theory, to discuss art itself, within a contemporary context”. Howard’s works are held in private collections nationally and this will be her first solo exhibition.