Polly Borland


Simonot, Suzanne. 'Polly Borland wins Gold Coast's $25,000 Josephine Ulrick and Win Schubert Photography Award'
Gold Coast Bulletin, 08/09/2017
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Martinez, Christina Catherine. 'Polly Borland: Babies are Us'
Artslant, 16/08/2017
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LA Weekly, 17/07/2017
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Munro, Cait. 'Must See: Polly Borland's Surreal Photo Series 'The Babies''
Bullett, 12/07/2017
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More Wound than Ruin
Contemporary Art Review LA, 15/03/2017
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Cousins, Kerry-Anne Review- Emma and Polly Borland in Borland+Borland at Canberra Glassworks
The Canberra Times, 10/12/2015
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Eastaugh, Sophie. 'Photographing the Queen: 'The most surreal moment of my career'
CNN , 11/09/2015
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The Age, 18/08/2015
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Sturgeon Magazine, Issue 4, 02/05/2015
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The Age , 05/04/2014
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Sydney Morning Herald, 23/01/2013
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'Polly Borland is one of Australia’s most successful photographers, known primarily for her revealing portraits'
ArtsHub, 14/05/2012
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Sharp, Rob. 'Flights of fancy dress- Polly Borland's portraits marry the infantile and the fetishistic'
The Independent UK, 17/03/2011
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'Polly Borland: Q & A'
The Telegraph, 11/03/2011
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Oyster Magazine, 01/09/2010
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The Age, 26/11/2008
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The Independent, 29/06/2008
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The Babies, Polly Borland and Mark Holborn, 01/12/2000
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