Joanna Lamb


'Inventory // Shades of Suburbia'
Playground Journal, 12/10/2016
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Lim, Chelsea. 'Feeling of a Place: Interview with Joanna Lamb'
Art Hop, 05/10/2016
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Low, Angela. 'Into the Mind of an Artist | 12 Quotes by Australian Painter Joanna Lamb'
Pop Spoken, 20/09/2016
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Bouchara, Claire. 'Joanna Lamb Exposes Superficiality of Suburban Homes at Sullivan+Strumpf'
Blouin Artinfo, 06/09/2016
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Clement, Tracy. 'View to Suburbia'
Art Collector, 01/01/2014
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'15 Colour Series by Joanna Lamb'
Habitus Living, 10/07/2013
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Frost, Andrew. '15 Colour series'
The Art Life, 21/06/2013
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Preston, Sammy. 'Joanna Lamb's Colour Ways'
Broadsheet, 21/06/2013
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'A Show of Art in Summer - at the Gold Coast City Gallery'
Qld Antiques & Art, 01/11/2012
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Tran, Lee. 'Interiors, Joanna Lamb'
Inside Out, 01/08/2011
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'Joanna Lamb, Interiors - A new exhibition at Sydney's Sullivan + Strumpf'
Habitus Living, 21/07/2011
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'What Now? Joanna Lamb'
Art Collector, 01/11/2009
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Munro, Catherine. 'Capturing the viewer in the everlasting here and now'
Sydney Morning Herald, 01/07/2009
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'Joanna Lamb - 50 Most Collectable Artists'
Art Collector, 01/12/2007
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Lean, Eva. 'House Speciality'
Insite, 01/07/2007
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Cook, Robert. 'Trance'
Catalogue essay, 01/06/2007
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