Jinks, Sam





Sullivan+Strumpf 2014 Group Exhibition
Sam Jinks: Personal Structures, Time, Space, Existence: 55th la Biennale Di Venezia, Italy
Sam Jinks: Art Stage Singapore
2013 Sullivan+Strumpf
Sam Jinks: Time Machine
2012 Sullivan+Strumpf
Art Stage Singapore



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Das Platforms, Sam Jinks at the 55th Veince Biennale, 26 July 2013
Sam Jinks, January 2013

Australian artist Sam Jinks (b 1973) is a self-taught sculptor who lives and works in Melbourne. His work can be found in many important collections including the Koc Family Collection, Turkey; Kiran Nader Museum of Art, Dehli, India; the Museo Escultura Figurativa Internacional Contemporaenea, Portugal; the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia and McClelland Gallery + Sculpture Park, Australia. Jinks has also been represented in a number of prominent exhibitions and events, among the most recent being True to Life, Liebieghaus Sculpture Collection, Frankfurt (2014), In the Flesh, National Portrait Gallery, Canberra (2014), and Personal Structures: Time, Space, Existence (2013) – a collateral event of the 55th Venice Biennale.




Jinks’ work draws on our shared fascination with the human figure, a fascination that has pervaded the history of art. Constructed from silicone, fiberglass, resin and human hair, the anthropocentric sculptures are rendered with a hyperrealist aesthetic, conveying a surplus of anatomical and emotional detail. As a result the viewer becomes suspended in an intense moment of intimacy with Jinks’ figures that cannot usually exist outside private relationships and clinical environments. The artist avoids straightforward portraiture by crafting his figures from multiple stimuli and by casting them smaller-than-life sized, presenting us with emblematic freeze-frames of the human condition.