Jinks, Sam

Sullivan + Strumpf is excited to announce Sam Jinks' inclusion in Personal Structures: Time, Space, Existence a collateral event of the 55th Venice Biennale. Held at the Palazzo Bembo, 70 metres from the Rialto Bridge, between 1 June - 24 November 2013 and curated by the Global Art Affairs Foundation, this exhibition will bring together an extraordinary combination of established and emerging artists all drawn together with a common dedication to the concepts of Time, Space and Existence.

The work of Sam Jinks sustains the briefest and often most private moments in time, exploring the complexities and range of human emotion. For Jinks, his works are not literal representations where realism is the sought outcome, but instead use hyper-realism as a mechanism to create an intimacy with the viewer that is impossible outside of private relationships and clinical environments.

Jinks' work can be found in various public collections that include: the Kiran Nader Museum of Art, Dehli, India and the Museo Escultura Figurativa Internacional Contemporaenea (MEFIC), Portugal. In Australia his work is included in the Royal Melbourne Institute of Techonology Collection, Victoria, McClelland Gallery + Sculpture Park, Victoria and Shepparton Art Gallery, Victoria, in addition to various private collections within Australia and internationally.