Jeremy Sharma


Shah, Farhan. 'Jeremy Sharma's Exhibition of Sound at Aloft at Hermès'
AUGUSTMAN, 01/06/2018
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Ling, Joy. 'Art exhibition in Singapore: Jeremy Sharma’s aural exhibition, ‘fidelity’, at Aloft at Hermès opens ’til 19 August'
Esquire Singapore, 23/05/2018
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Sam, Sherman. 'How abstraction can improve your life'
Ocula X Gillman Barracks: Art-In-Sight, 19/04/2018
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Wong, Jean. '"Beating a rainbow to death": Singaporean artist Jeremy Sharma - in conversation'
Art Radar Journal, 16/09/2017
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Chloe. '5 Questions with Jeremy Sharma'.
Intersection, 12/08/2017
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Lee, Melanie. 'School of Thought'
The A List, 01/08/2017
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(Plu)ral Pow-wows: The Unbearable Lightness of Jeremy Sharma
(plu)ral art blog, 23/06/2017
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Quek, Bruce. 'Exploring Abstraction in Art: "That Was Then, This Is Now" at Sullivan+Strumpf, Singapore'
Art Radar, 11/06/2017
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Morelli, Naima. 'Jeremy Sharma: Artists As The Arbiter of Knowledge in the Information Era'
COBO Social, 17/01/2017
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'Singapore Artist Jeremy Sharma Wants to Challenge the Artificial Age We Live In'
FEMALE, 15/01/2016
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Ong, Anastasia. 'Feature Interview: Jeremy Sharma'
Intersection, 08/12/2015
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Cheng, Kelley. 'In Pursuit of Deadly Thoughts'
COBO Social, 22/06/2015
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Pazzini-Paracciani, Loredana. 'Jeremy Sharma. Factum'
Wall Street International, 27/06/2014
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Shetty, Deepika. 'Painter Jeremy Sharma: Hide and Seek in Foam'
The Straits Times, 20/05/2014
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Ong, Nicole. 'S'pore Biennale: Jeremy Sharma's Terra Sensa-Lovell'
TODAY Online, 16/12/2013
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