Ball, Sydney


2014 - Infinex III
2013-14 Paper
2012 - Infinex II
2010 - Infinex I
2007 - 2009 Structures II
2003 - Canto Screenprint
2003 - 2005 Structures I
1971 - 80 Stain
1971 - 80
1970 - Link
1970 - 79 Screenprint
1970 - 75 Paper
1968 - 69 Modular
1965 - Canto



2015 Group Exhibition
Sydney Ball: Infinex III
Group Exhibition
Sullivan+Strumpf 2014 Group Exhibition
Sydney Ball: The Stain Paintings 1971 -80
2013 Sullivan+Strumpf
2012: Sydney Ball: Infinex II
2012 Sullivan+Strumpf
2011 Infinex I
2011 SSFA2011
Art Stage Singapore
2010 Sydney Ball: Stain Paintings From New York c 1971 & Structures 3
2010 SSFA10
2009 Private Treaty 2
2009 SSFA09
2008 Sydney Ball Prints: Cantos + Stains
2008 Sydney Ball - In Light of Colour 1965-2008
2008 SSFA08
2007 Sydney Ball Structures 2: Abstract Architecture
2007 SSFA07
Winter 06
2006 Sydney Ball: Stain Paintings 1973-79
2006 SSFA06
Art Sydney 05
2005 The Variety Show
2005 Sydney Ball: Structures
2005 SSFA Opening Exhibition



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Sydney Ball: Infinex III
Sydney Ball in Conversation with Wendy Walker, Oct 2013
Edmund Capon, Exhibition Launch, Oct 2013
Sydney Ball in Conversation with Anne Loxley, Dec 2012
Sydney Ball, The Colour Paintings, Samstag Museum, Nov 2009


Sydney Ball, who is widely considered a pioneer in Australian Abstraction, was born in Adelaide in 1933. Ball’s long and impressive career has had a formidable impact on Australian art. Definitively a colourist, Ball spent his formative years living and studying in New York at the Art Students League under Theodoros Stamos, one of the ‘irascible eighteen’, which also included Mark Rothko and Jackson Pollock. 

Ball’s oeuvre is expansive and diverse with each series marked by a monumental and dynamic change. Yet all share the prerogative to investigate the possibilities of colour and form; from the lyrical abstraction that defines his Stain paintings to the architectonic coloured forms of his famed Modular works. "Ball was one of the most sophisticated colourists of his generation, mixing sharp contrasts of high-key colour with modulations of tone in the lower register." (Enjoy Your Diversity: The 60s Revisited, Meanjin Papers, P. McCaughey, 2012)  

Now in his 80s, Ball continues to ambitiously push the limits of his own practice to greater heights while also having significant relevance as a contemporary Australian artist.

Ball has exhibited extensively in Australia and overseas. Recent solo exhibitions include Sydney Ball – The Colour Paintings 1963 – 2007 which toured Penrith Regional Gallery and the Lewers Bequest, 2008, McClelland Gallery and Sculpture Part, Melbourne, 2009, and The Anne and Gordon Samstag Museum of Art, Adelaide, 2009 and Survey Paintings 1985-86, Wollongong City Art Gallery, 1987. 

Group exhibitions include Australian Abstraction 1965-1985 from the collection of the AGNSW, Art Gallery of NSW, 2007, New to the Modern – Heide 25 Years On, Heide Museum of Modern Art, Bulleen, Victoria, 2006, Big Paintings, Mandurah Performing Arts Centre, Perth, 2006 and Fieldwork: Australian Art 1968-2003, Ian Potter Centre, National Gallery of Victoria, 2003. Ball was also notably included in the historic Australian exhibition The Field, held at both the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne and the Art Gallery of NSW, Sydney, in 1968.